Review: Trials HD


Developer: RedLynx
Genre: Motorcycle Racing
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Release Date: August 12, 2009
Compatability (Xbox 360): HDTV 720p / 1080i / 1080p
Rating: 8.5

Trials HD is a physics based Motorbike game where you must get through a level in the quickest time and avoid failure. You must lean and time everything to perfection if you want to 100% the game, which you won’t. It’s a very simple concept but when you get round to play the game, it’s far from it. Most of the levels up to medium are pretty easy but be warned this game really depends on how good you are at the game. Trials HD is simply a solid game and will keep you busy and entertained.

This game is pretty much a modern version of an older game “Excitebike” which you had to get through a course in the fastest time and also avoiding failure. Speaking of failure you will be having a lot of that if you go for the harder difficulties. There are five difficulties beginner, easy, medium, hard and extreme. Whatever fits your level will be a very good experience and you will have fun. Apart from the main game there is also three other ways to play this game; skill games, tournaments and the level editor. Skill games are mini games that are extremely addictive and are a nice change from the normal courses.

Trials HD can really be challenging and hooking.

Tucked away in user content is the level editor where you can make your own creations. The level editor is great because the editor is easy to use and has two modes, simple and advanced. This is great for people who have experience making levels in such games as Halo 3 and LittleBigPlanet and also for people who just want to make a massive ramp which in honesty what most people do. In simple mode you can just go nuts and build any old junk and in advanced mode you can really express your creative mode and actually think about what you’re doing.

You may be wondering where you might have seen this game before. Well you may have seen it on one of the many flash games sites on the Internet which is where RedLynx started distributing the Trial series. This is their first attempt at a console game and I might just get my answer to the HD question. Why I think they did the HD bit is because what the consoles can achieve graphics wise. Now the graphics aren’t that big of a deal but these are good in the game and can’t really be improved if they want to keep the same feel of the game. There are some glitches which can leave you stuck and annoyed. There are some good graphics and these cope well when explosions go off around you. To make your rider look better you can go into the ‘garage’ and customize your rider. The customization is a bit off a disappointment and could have done more with it. You also have voice acting in the form of actors from Jackass which can annoy and be a bit horrible.

Starting from the last checkpoint is common in Trials HD.

Online doesn’t feature in this game but leaderboards are a common place on every course and skill game so getting that extra second counts. It’s a great feature and really adds competition to the game especially when someone laughs at you for having a horrible time. Scoring is based upon the length of time you take to complete the course and how many times you failed. There are bronze, silver and gold medals each with there own requirements.

This game looks and feels great. Physics are the laws that the game is run basically and the laws are good in this one. It’s realistic and it’s the game’s major selling point. Trials HD is a good game and a little too challenging sometimes but with loads of replay value and maybe DLC to come, Trials HD is sure to be played a lot more.

Reviewed by phillipsmy – October 5, 2009

Graphical effects are nicely textured for a 2D game from Xbox Live.
Musical soundtrack and sound effects are nice to hear. Not the same can be said for the voice acting.
Trials HD may hook you and will keep you begging for more. Later on, you may get frustrated with very hard and challenging tracks.
Final Score



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