Review: Tekken 6


Developer: Namco
Genre: 3D Fighting
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: October 27, 2009
Compatability (PS3): 32MB Mininum Space | DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration Function | HD 720p | Network Players 2
Compatability (Xbox 360): Player 1-2 | HDTV 480p / 720p
Rating: 9.0

Tekken fans always have high expectations for every version of the Tekken series. Even if the game is not for every gamer’s taste, Tekken 6 surely satisfies all fighting fans by having loads of offline and online options available in one package. For those who always played Tekken, this latest game is a fresh installment which gives some exciting entertainment in high definition.

Tekken 6 has the largest amount of characters from all Tekken games and you have the ability to choose from 40 different characters which differ from the usual Jin, Paul, Law, Heihachi, Nina and Kazuya to the newly added Lars, Bob, Zafina, Leo, Miguel and Alisa. Every character has a vast range of fighting commands and mastering juggles and combos will give you a better chance of winning the fight. The game’s story is not important and also not interesting, even though the CG animation cutscenes are pretty awesome.

The father-son relationship was always like this.

Tekken 6 has an infinite amount of options both online and offline which should satisfy anyone’s needs. Starting the usual Arcade mode will enable you to gain experience and higher ranks by fighting and winning against AI fighters. These AI fighters are called ghosts because they have their own fictional name (as if you were fighting a real gamer) and they have five different difficulties. Other modes which return in Tekken 6 are the VS Mode, Team Battle Mode, Time Attack Mode and Survival Mode. This version’s Practice Mode is also a much improved feature in the game.

One of the newest features in Tekken 6 is the Scenario Campaign which is similar to the previous Tekken Force and Devil Within modes but much more addicting. This mode follows the journey of two new characters in Lars and Alisa. You will make your way fighting a lot of enemies and then beating bosses to unlock them in the Arena Mode. The latter will be unlocked once you complete the first part of the Scenario Campaign and this will give you the option of viewing each character’s ending movie once you complete the Arena Mode.

In-game effects are splendid and an improvement on previous Tekken games.

Again you will earn cash in almost all Tekken modes and this money is used to customize your favorite characters’ costumes. There are hundreds of shirts and other things available and once you are happy with your character’s costume, you can also play with it online against other players. In the Online Mode you have both ranked and non-ranked fights. The online servers are stable but even if you have a fast internet connection, you will notice a small gap between your controller input and the moves onscreen. Still, the Tekken 6 online mode is playable after getting used to it.

Basically Tekken 6 is the best game in the series having a massive amount of playing modes as well as impressive visuals in the characters and the environments. Visually all characters have been improved and the sound effects are also inspiring. As a negative aspect, Tekken 6 has long load times but all in all, this is a complete package for both newcomers and fans of the series. The King of Iron First Tournament.

Reviewed by Barber – November 1, 2009

Visually the best Tekken game. Character details are amazing.
Awesome sound effects which complement the game. Interesting in-game music.
It takes a lot of time to master characters. This makes the game interesting giving a numerous amount of options to every player.
Final Score



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