Review: Resistance 3


Developer: Insomniac Games
Genre: Sci-Fi First Person Shooter
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: September 6, 2011
Compatability: 1-2 Players | 1.5GB Mininum Space | 3D Compatible Game | PlayStation Move Optional | HD 720p | Network Players 2-16 | Co-Op 1-2
Rating: 9.2

It’s been almost five years since the original Resistance: Fall of Man was released on the PlayStation 3, back in 2006. The game offered intense action-packed moments in a world lost to hordes of alien creatures called Chimera. Three years ago Resistance was back with a bang in one of the best sci-fi shooters around. The latest game from the series is nothing less and very exciting single player and multiplayer campaigns are waiting for you to enjoy.

Resistance 3 revolves around a guy named Joseph Capelli who lives in one of the many underground neighborhoods in America together with his wife and child. The story is very strong and the circumstances bring Capelli to a very dangerous journey to New York together with Dr. Malikov who knows how to stop the incredible amount of ferocious monsters that have owned the human world. A number of interesting characters are met throughout the campaign and this makes the story a very attractive one which will make you want to know what’s next.

Nothing out of this world. Visuals are pleasant and up to standard in today's games.

The visuals are very neat and pleasant to look at with the game situated in various environments. Although havoc can be seen and felt throughout the whole campaign, the different places you visit make Resistance 3 fresh and intriguing. Apart from the usual destroyed cities, you will be fighting for the survival of mankind in caves, mountains and also a prison. Other parts of the game include levels on a boat and a train, and the way these levels are situated make Resistance 3 innovative all the time. The sound is very atmospheric and the music together with voice-acting is spectacular. Although the graphics are nothing out of this world, Insomniac have provided us with a game which is nice for both your eyes to see and ears to hear.

Resistance 3 is the most brutal game from the whole series and you will immediately identify this aspect from the beginning. The Chimera are as violent as ever and in order to defend yourself, Resistance 3 offers one of the best weapons arsenal in console games. With a couple of guns from the previous games returning, like the Bullseye and the Auger, the game has in stock some new and inventive weapons which will make any kill the more satisfying. Some characteristics of the new weapons include freezing and also mutating enemies, making them transform in strange shapes and then exploding. Apart from this every weapon has an alternate fire which is enjoyable to perform. Every weapon can now be upgraded the more it is used. In every new weapon level it becomes more powerful and this adds to the massive arsenal of guns at your disposal. To complete the whole guns package, Resistance 3’s controls are amazing and all guns are very accurate and quick to respond. The gameplay in Resistance 3 is something to look out for because you will undoubtedly have fun playing this first person sci-fi shooter.

You will meet various kinds of enemies in Resistance 3.

Once you’re ready from the 9-10 hour single player campaign, the multiplayer mode is waiting for you to shred to pieces your friends and other online players. Unfortunately Resistance 2’s 60 player games were reduced to 16 in the latest game, but this doesn’t mean that the online matches are something less than its predecessor. In fact, fire fights are now more contained and there is less confusion. Abilities and killstreaks are also available and with the usual team deathmatch and capture the flag modes, other mode are also available such as the Breach and the Chain Reaction modes, similar to Search and Destroy and Domination in Call of Duty. Co-op matchmaking was also removed in Resistance 3 while the eight player co-op mode was reduced to two. This is one of the game’s few negatives although split-screen co-op has been newly introduced in Resistance 3.

Insomniac have successfully lived up to the expectations of the Resistance fans, providing an action-packed and intense single player campaign together with some great multiplayer modes to enjoy online. The game is also playable with the PlayStation Move and in 3D, although these aspects are not as accurate and pleasurable as when playing them normally. To sum it up, Resistance 3 is surely a must buy for all PlayStation 3 first person shooter fans. The game is sheer quality and offers lots of fun. The Resistance series has simply become one of the best shooter franchises around.

Reviewed by Barber – October 22, 2011

Visual textures are not a masterpiece, but these are still pleasant to look at and admire. The various environments in the game keep it interesting.
One of the highlights in Resistance 3. You will enjoy the sound effects and the characters’ voice acting. Great.
They say fun is the most important factor in a game. Resistance 3 provides this. You will want to achieve the Platinum trophy.
Final Score



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