Review: Resistance 2


Developer: Insomniac Games
Genre: Sci-Fi First Person Shooter
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: November 4, 2008
Compatability: 1-2 Players | 300MB Mininum Space | SIXAXIS Motion Sensitive | DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration Function | HD 720p | Network Players 2-60 | Co-Op 2-8
Rating: 9.2

Resistance 2 is really how a sequel should be. After the original Resistance: Fall of Man was a success with the release of the PlayStation 3 console, the sequel is a far more intuitive, bigger and better game than its predecessor. In every sense, everything is bigger, starting from weapons, enemies and even the online mode has been improved by supporting up to 60 players simultaneously.

After saving the United Kingdom from the Chimera in the first game, Nathan Hale is now encountering a much bigger task to defend North America from being taken by the deadly creatures. You will fight for your life in various realistic environments starting from rural and urban landscapes. The single player campaign is really thrilling and it will keep you hooked to see what is coming next.

America is under attack.

The details that surround the visual techniques are one of the best on the PlayStation 3. The environment around seems to be flawless and the battle is taking place everywhere around you. Views of skyscrapers are impressive and the way enemies attack in great numbers makes the visuals phenomenal. Voice acting is of high quality but on the other hand the sound effects could have been better.

Resistance 2 is a difficult game in itself and this makes the gamer feel the true glory once a hard part is completed. The large scale battles make you feel that you’re fighting all alone in North America and even when nothing is around, expect a number of creatures to jump out from nowhere and attack you. The Chimera are ferocious, intelligent and accurate when they attack and you must have patience when you come to a difficult part. Boss battles are also impressive and taking down a monster bigger than skyscrapers is pure fun.

Non-stop action against the Chimera.

The arsenal of weapons available in Resistance 2 is also notable and its exciting changing from one super-weapon to another to beat the hell out of those monsters. An attribute of every gun is that these have a secondary attack which is more powerful than normal firing but limited to use. The single player campaign is completed in around 10-12 hours but then one must login online and start fighting with up to 60 players. Apart from this an 8 player co-op mode is also available to finish a number of missions and objectives. Each player can select a class from a Medic, Special Ops and Soldier. Each of these has different attributes and abilities to suit your type of play.

Resistance 2 is simply how a sequel should be. The competitive and stiff play of both the online and single player modes make this game an excellent one and a must buy for all first person shooter fans. This must be in your PlayStation 3 collection.

Reviewed by Barber – September 12, 2009

The phenomenal views of attacking ships and Chimeras are impressive and the gameplay graphics are ones to look at.
Voice acting is astonishing but sound effects could have been done better.
Resistance 2 has a high fun-factor which is superseded again in the online mode with up to 60 players fighting against each other.
Final Score



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