Review: NCAA Football 11


Developer: EA Tiburon, EA Canada
Genre: American Football
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: July 13, 2010
Compatability (PS3): n/a
Compatability (Xbox 360): 31MB Mininum Space | Players 1-4 | HDTV 720p / 1080i / 1080p | Online Multiplayer 2 | Co-Op 2-4
Rating: 8.2

Alright picture this. There is only 17 seconds remaining in the BCS National Championship game and your team is down by a score of 26 to 20. It is 4th and goal from the 7 yard line and you are the quarterback that everybody is counting on. You drop back to pass and the rush is coming in fast. You get away from one tackle, you scramble to find an open guy. You throw a bullet pass to the back of the end zone and your receiver jumps up, makes the catch, and comes down with his feet barely in bounds to make the game winning touchdown. Congratulations you are the National Champion! Do you want to feel that? Okay now let’s be real for a second. 90% of us will never be in that position in our lives. However, EA Sports has put us into that position the most possible way that they could in NCAA Football 11.

The controls in NCAA Football 11 has a similar feeling to last year’s title, which isn’t always that bad. Gamers familiar with last year’s game don’t have to struggle to figure out different controls and they could jump into the game right away and pick up where they left off last year. Another thing I liked a lot was the involvement of ESPN in the game. We all miss the NFL 2K games where it made you feel like you were actually watching an NFL game on ESPN. Well now that is back in NCAA Football 11. When playing a game in NCAA Football 11 it actually feels like you are watching a Saturday afternoon college football game on ESPN.

The level of detail is awesome. Note the reflections on the players' helmets.

One of the most annoying things has been resolved in this year’s game. Now the players can make sideline catches. No more just running out of bounds for a ball that could have been caught in bounds. The receiver keeps his feet in bounds while trying to make the catch. Also, the players seem to move more realistically on the field with the new locomotion animation technology. As the quarterback you can break away from a defender coming in for the sack or as a running back you can fake out a defender and get pass him and run for a touchdown. Another good thing about this is that the receiver won’t catch the ball and immediately run out of bounds. He will turn up field and fight for every yard he can get.

The online dynasty gives you a chance to connect with your team while away from your game system. You can log into your computer and make changes to your team and other things. However, in my mind I don’t see this as such a big thing. I just don’t see the point in basically playing your game away from the game system. I guess though this would be cool for other people that are really into the NCAA Football franchise.

NCAA Football 11 is full of action. Fans will be immersed in the game.

The Road to Glory mode is the main reason I play the NCAA Football titles. I like to be in control of my own career and try to win the Heisman and lead my team to a National title. Then I like to import my player into Madden and take him through a career in the NFL. I had fun playing the Road to Glory mode this year, however it was basically the same as last year. I wish they would bring back your dorm room and bring back tests that you would have to take in order to keep your GPA up. This gave you a real feel that you were a student athlete living on campus. Also, the dynasty mode didn’t change either. This is something that EA will hopefully work on for next year’s game.

Overall this game is a fun game and the ESPN presentation is my favorite thing. There are a few annoying things like the same Dynasty and Road to Glory mode, and how sometimes the quarterback gets stuck in the hand off and runs the wrong way on the field for a loss of about 20 yards. I enjoyed playing NCAA Football 11 and I can’t wait to see what EA Sports has in store for future titles.

Reviewed by shawn82mc – August 10, 2010

The graphics of NCAA Football 11 are awesome with particular details in the player models and animations during gameplay.
Even though the game sounds as if you’re watching it on TV, commentary is a bit repetitive and there isn’t much variation.
The Road to Glory is a massive mode as well as the Online Dynasty. Player AI has been improved a lot.
Final Score



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