Review: inFamous


Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Genre: Action Adventure
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release Date: May 26, 2009
Compatability: 1200MB Mininum Space | HD 480p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p
Rating: 9.3

When Sony CEO Jack Tretton said “I suspect that the reason some of you have bags under your eyes is because you’ve been playing inFamous non-stop.” He couldn’t have been more right. Infamous is a top quality game and is a must have for anyone that owns a PlayStation 3. You are Cole, a humble bicycle delivery man who gets caught up in an explosion that gives him superpowers. You are thrust into a position of extreme power making choices along the way that will shape the story just how you like it. Will you be heroic and sacrifice everything to save the city and its people or will you be evil, crushing what has already been crushed? As Cole you have electricity coursing though your veins and some awesome powers to boot.

The story is a very compelling one and makes you want to play further just to see how it pans out. It is mostly told through comic-esc cutscenes from Cole’s point of view. The graphics of the cutscenes are nice too look at and listen. The story feels gritty, dark and most importantly real, and it’s one of the things that make inFamous a great game. The characters aren’t very original but are good nonetheless. You have the girlfriend (a Good Samaritan), the best friend (the Weird One) and the CIA agent. There is also another character named John who is an NSA agent who infiltrates the first sons. He uses satellites to place audio devices or ‘dead drops’ to give you his view of the story. Other ways that the game tells the story is the brief television clips from ‘The TV Jacker’ who comments what’s happening in the story. You also have new broadcasts that are shown through TV as well. The beginning sets it up so that you know what’s happening and the ending provides the gamer closure and an understanding of what has happened.

Yeah that's Cole. He looks like a bike messenger, doesn't he?

The thing is that it isn’t as simple as blowing up stuff and killing enemies at the beginning easily. You do get some basics at the start of the game but you have no real power. First you must re-establish (fix) a substation (stuff that powers electricity) then you’re treated to a nice little montage of the power you have just unlocked. Simple. To upgrade your powers you go into a nice little menu and spend your hard earned experience (which you earn by killing enemies, completing missions, etc) and upgrade. The powers are varied but always electricity based, some are slipped in just to make it easier and some are very useful. Some make you travel faster and some restore your health. At the beginning you are introduced to reapers (junkies before the blast) who control the neon district in the game. As you progress you notice a pattern emerging, you see there are three enemy types which you face and all three have a boss, a region they control and a conduit. It’s a good system but a little unrealistic. Other than using powers to kill bad guys gameplay consists of climbing, draining electricity to regain health and collecting blast shard. Weirdly in this game you have a cover system which I was skeptical about at first, but as you go along you use it more and more and adds a shooter element to the game. The actual missions are all quite similar and repetitive. The gameplay on the whole is repetitive but weirdly fun.

It’s fair to say that graphics and sounds aren’t the biggest thing in inFamous but its still got some realistic visuals and some nice sounds. infamous is not a happy smiley game so except some very dark graphics that are gritty and urban. If you walk the streets of empire city you hear people groaning and crying about how horrible everything is, this really adds to the story and makes it feel realistic. It can be annoying when sometimes the game glitches and the texture pops. There isn’t much to talk about graphic and sound wise but they are good nonetheless.

Choose your destiny. Good or Evil.

It’s mandatory in modern games to have a few things, mind blowing graphics, a good story and good and evil choices. infamous is a game with a lot of karma choices and is one of the main features in the game. You have the normal good/evil kind of thing but in inFamous it does this very well. It doesn’t just change how people think of you in most games but actually you have a few more features that you can change based upon your karma. Firstly you have your surroundings, if you’re evil you will have a red sky with sometimes civilians trying to kill you. If you’re a hero you will have a blue sky with civilians cheering you and taking photos of you. Your powers are also change considering if you evil or good. Something that is disappointing and takes the whole point in ‘freedom of choice’ and abolishes it is that when you complete the game in good it’s the same as in evil. This is kind of a rip off and makes karma pointless.

Mr Tretton was right; inFamous is a great game for many reasons. You have the story, a great tale with some unoriginal cast members which doesn’t seem to matter. You have the gameplay, with some great powers and probably the best climbing ever seen in a game. There are a few reasons this game isn’t going to be a ten out of ten but to be honest they aren’t very big. infamous is a great game with some nice visuals and cool powers. This is one of the PS3’s biggest games.

Reviewed by phillipsmy – September 29, 2009

These aren’t the perfect graphics but surely satisfy the gamer’s needs. Explosions are very realistic and the city really feels alive. Dodgy at times.
Every sound effect from the city sounds right. A good musical soundtrack.
Using Cole’s powers is amazing and true fun. The more you uncover the story, the more you want to play inFamous.
Final Score




  1. You made a typo I think. Your 2 options you explain is Evil and Evil. Not Evil and Good.

    “Firstly you have your surroundings, if you’re evil you will have a red sky with sometimes civilians trying to kill you. If you’re evil you will have a blue sky with civilians cheering you and taking photos of you.”

    • Thanks for pointing that out mate. Typo fixed 🙂

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