Review: Heavy Rain


Developer: Quantic Dream
Genre: Interactive Drama / Adventure
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Compatability: 4GB Mininum Space | SIXAXIS Motion Sensitive | DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration Function | HD 480p / 720p
Rating: 9.5

Heavy Rain is a game that will keep you gripped from beginning to end. Those familiar with the genius of David Cage will know what to expect, a story driven, nail biting experience that will leave you gasping for more.

The game follows four characters that are trying to uncover the identity of the origami killer. The scene is set as we see Ethan’s idyllic lifestyle torn to shreds as he cannot save his eldest son from being run over. We now see him two years later as a shadow of the man he once was. Whilst still in depression and unable to reform his life, the unthinkable happens, his only living son is kidnapped. Trying to hold on to the only thing in his life worth living for, Ethan pushes himself to the limits both physically and mentally.

Ethan acts like every father would do to save his son.

Heavy Rain takes quick time events to another level. As seen in almost any game nowadays, a QTE is a method of allowing the player to be involved in a cut scene by the use of a button command. However in Heavy Rain, you feel as if you are taking the role as a director as every QTE / decision you make seems to affect the course of the game. Using this method of gameplay allows the gamer to be immersed in the action. The general movement of the character is quite awkward and takes time to get to grips with. To move the individual you have to press the R2 button and then guide him or her with the left analogue. This is something that I believe Quantic Dream needs to work on for their next game.

Cage’s clever use of mundane events creates a strong connection between the player and character, as a result of this you actually care about the character and the events that you instigate. Creating a system where a decision that you make could affect the course or even kill a character is surely the way forward. The series of pinnacle decisions you make will ultimately affect the ending which leads to replay value as there are 22 different endings.

Heavy Rain truly looks and feels like a movie. Is this the future of gaming?

The idea of ‘cause and effect’ in games has only been lightly touched upon by certain developers. BioWare have constantly tried to implement this in their games but have not succeeded to the extent seen in Heavy Rain. Mass Effect will allow a character to be killed off yet the main storyline follows the same path, whereas in Heavy Rain a whole section of gameplay could be missed due to a your actions. I do believe that in the future more games will give us choices that are actually meaningful to the story and allow the gamer to create his or her own path. This is the beginning.

On the whole this game is a must for anyone who owns a PlayStation 3. It’s a groundbreaking game that will make you feel every emotion imaginable, from euphoric highs to the brutal, depressing lows. Follow Ethan through this dark, twisted tale reminiscent of recent blockbusters such as Saw and Se7en. The game has been put together with precision and finesse over the past four years. Make sure Heavy Rain is in your collection. You will not regret this decision.

Reviewed by jazsagoo – June 14, 2010

Graphically this game could be taken two ways. The attention to detail is astounding, you actually see the rain patter on the characters finely textured jackets. As well as this the motion capturing is second to none. Quantic Dream took an astonishing 170 days to capture all the movement which results in amazing scenes that are the most realistic to date. On the other hand the colours are dull and follow the new trend of having an array of browns and greens to try make the game look more realistic. Although this does help add atmosphere, sometimes you feel as if the areas look too similar.
The score is fantastic, it honestly sounds as if Hans Zimmer himself worked on it. The clever undertones that crescendo in time with the action, truly makes for a cinematic experience.
Overall the game is an intense and enjoyable experience. Not one you can have quick blast on, this requires your undivided attention. Keep a weekend a side and delve into this game, you won’t regret it!
Final Score




  1. this is a fantastic review with some well made points. I agree that more games in the futrue will have these features and i am looking foward to it. Lets see more reviews from this writer well done Jaz Sagoo.

  2. good review

  3. I totally agree with this review. Heavy Rain is a must buy for every PlayStation 3 owner. You won’t be playing something similar till the end of the year. Outstanding.

  4. Nice blog! I plan on getting this game – I loved Indigo Prophecy.

  5. Thanks silvercube! You really shouldn’t miss Heavy Rain if you have a PlayStation 3.

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