The Contributors

Name: Mark Barbara (Creator)
Nickname: Barber
Favourite game of all time: The Legend of Dragoon
Addicted to gaming, Mark started enjoying the life of a gamer when he was 5 years old back in 1991, playing Pac-Man on the Amiga Commodore 500. Mark is a web developer and decided to start this blog on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games in September 2009. He is the main person in taking care of the website in terms of updates and maintenance. His target is to self host and give the website a new look. The website will also be submitted to major news aggregators, believing PS3-Xbox-Reviews can grow and be an important presence on the web.

Name: Jaen Rossouw (Contributor)
Nickname: predatorx9
Favourite game(s) of all time: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves / Crash Bandicoot
Jaen has been an avid gamer since his thumbs had the privilege of mashing buttons in 1995. He’s currently studying journalism and can thus only contribute to PS3-Xbox-Reviews on a very rare basis, but hopes to one day get back to his game “whoring” and write/contribute many more articles to this constantly growing gaming site, which he believes has immense potential for vast future growth. Presently, Jaen has not thought about where he wants to end up one day and he just lets life take him where it wants him to go. Apart from gaming, Jaen enjoys sports, playing guitar and songwriting.

Name: Phillip Smy (Contributor)
Nickname: phillipsmy
Favourite game of all time: Halo 3
Although fairly new to gaming and the internet in general, Phil’s first taste of gaming came from the original PlayStation playing games such as Spyro the Dragon. He truly got into gaming when he experienced his brother playing Saints Row Online. Yes online gaming, what a feat. He then got an Xbox 360 and never looked back. At the moment Phil is studying his GSCE’s and is uncertain what to do with himself.

Name: Mark Mizzi (Contributor)
Nickname: gizmo47
Favourite game(s) of all time: Hitman Series
Mark aka Gizmo started playing games on the Micro Genius when he was 6, with Super Mario being his first love. Being an addict to joysticks and joypads, Mark bought the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 on release dates. Apart from playing games, Mark develops websites during his free time.

Name: Jason Anton (Contributor)
Nickname: antonman
Favourite game of all time: Tetris
Jason has been a gamer his entire life. His first love was Tetris on the GameBoy and one of his favourite childhood memories was breaking the 200 line mark. He’s had a lot of loves since then, Chrono Trigger, Ocarina of Time, Perfect Dark and Halo spring to mind, but you never forget your first time. In his free time, he combines his love of writing with that of gaming to bring you reviews and articles on PS3-Xbox-Reviews.

Name: Ross Hamilton (Contributor)
Nickname: Ross
Favourite game of all time: Metroid Prime
Ross has been playing games for a decade now, starting with Jazz Jackrabbit on the PC and Pokemon on the original GameBoy. Since then he’s spent many wonderful hours with Zelda, Metroid, Halo and Mario games, though he tries to play as many titles as possible, and always looking for a new and exciting experience in the medium. Ross truly believes that games can provide the most involving and affecting experience of any form of entertainment, and he’s thoroughly looking forward for the years to come.

Name: Michael Eggers (Contributor)
Nickname: eggs84
Favourite game of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mike has been a fan of gaming since his very first game, Rad Racer 2 for Nintendo, when he was a kid. Ever since he’s dreamed of working hands-on with games, but often cast the thought aside while trying to remain in reality. Since that time he has found a passion for writing, and enjoys writing about a hobby he immensely enjoys. Video games. Unaware of what lays ahead he is excited to pursue every possibility as it presents itself, and is positive that in the end he’ll find happiness doing something he loves.

Name: Jasjit Sagoo (Contributor)
Nickname: jazsagoo
Favourite game of all time: Metal Gear Solid
Being an avid gamer and collector since the earlier 90’s, Jaz currently works as an English teacher but his passion lies in gaming. He has only recently ventured into the world of journalism but is enjoying it thoroughly. His hopes are that PS3-Xbox-Reviews expands and he becomes a vital and respected contributor.

Name: James Pugh (Contributor)
Nickname: jamespugh5
Favourite game of all time: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
James has been addicted to video games ever since he stole his sister’s Nintendo to play Super Mario Brothers 3 when he was 4. James recently graduated college with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Writing. He is a reviewer on the site and loves to share his thoughts and feelings with the readers. He loves it when games have an interesting story and is always hungry for the next big thing.

Name: Annand Virk (Contributor)
Nickname: Annand
Favourite game of all time: Half-Life
Annand Virk was introduced to games much like any other kid born at the turn of the 90s: Super Mario. From there, his love for video games grew exponentially as developers continued to push one good game out after another. He began playing violent video games at an early age (6 to be exact), starting off from titles like Doom and Wolfenstein. It wouldn’t be much longer until he was finally introduced to Half-Life and his love for video games reached an all time high (the dude’s already played it close to 20 times). Today, Annand is busy pursuing a career in writing and film. When he isn’t playing video games, he’s either reading, writing, or watching a movie you’ve never heard of.

Name: Shawn McLaughlin (Contributor)
Nickname: shawn82mc
Favourite game(s) of all time: Madden Series
Shawn wasn’t a big gamer until he received a PlayStation 2 for Christmas when he was 13 years old. He never looked back from there. A couple of years ago he also purchased an Xbox 360 and now he owns a PlayStation 3 as well. Shawn loves to write and make/edit videos as he did in high school and he’s hoping to go to college to study journalism. Shawn is a professional wrestler in weekends. He enjoys what he’s doing in life right now and hopes that one day he will have a full time job as a video game journalist.

Name: Henry McMunn (Contributor)
Nickname: failboatskipper
Favourite game of all time: Fallout 3
Henry got into gaming, rather oddly, through his sister’s PlayStation 1 back in the mid-90s. From then it was pure shooters and adventure games until he received his Xbox 360, at which his habit became a hobby (or, as his parents would put it, an addiction). This, combined with a love of writing, led him to write a blog and a long list of reviews and dream of eventually becoming a journalist for a gaming magazine or site.

Name: Michael Warnock (Contributor)
Nickname: vadrummin
Favourite game(s) of all time: Final Fantasy Series
Michael got hooked into gaming in the early 80’s when he got his Atari 2600. Ever since those days he has enjoyed playing almost any game on any system that he gets his hands on. Michael is currently working as a professional musician, but loves being able to have the opportunity to provide information and input about an art form that he’s had a passion for his entire life.

Name: Andrew Hunter (Contributor)
Nickname: andrewhunter316
Favourite game of all time: Metal Gear Solid
Addicted to gaming, his first memory of playing games was 1987. Aged just 6 Andrew played Treasure Island Dizzy on the ZX Spectrum, followed closely by Rainbow Island a few years later. He has enjoyed a whole host of consoles, namely the Mega Drive and PlayStation 2, but now his attention is focused mainly on the Xbox 360. Andrew is an English post-graduate from Manchester University and has been writing critical analysis and creative short stories during and since his English degree. Having been a lover of writing and gaming for a long time, Andrew has now been given the opportunity to marry the two together in harmony thanks to PS3-Xbox-Reviews and hopes to continue this venture as long as he is able to, hoping one day to turn this into a career.

Name: Jonathan Diaz (Contributor)
Nickname: johnny1994
Favourite game(s) of all time: The Elder Scrolls Series
Jonathan is 19 years old and a musician. He’s part of the crew in a band called “Xylem” together with his two brothers. Johnny plays the guitar, sings lead vocals and also writes his own music. He is currently studying to become a music producer and writer. Video games have been a large part of his life for as long as he can remember. Ironically the first game he completed was 102 Dalmatians. He’s not really proud of it, but he’ll stand by it.

Name: Wilson Taylor (Contributor)
Nickname: wilsontaylor
Favourite game of all time: Bastion
Wilson (or Wil, if you want to get on his good side) has been a gamer since he was born in 1991 and a pessimist since the Nintendo 64. Poorer than the dirt outside of his house, he spends most of his time writing about games, studying games, looking into game design and occasionally playing video games. Also a novelist and budding comic writer (hopefully), a game with a terrible story doesn’t get past his radar. But then neither do games with bad controls, design or anything. An occasional contributor (when he finds the money for a new game, and he’s not munching on cans), he also spends his time writing, writing, a spot of writing, playing piano, driving a lot, writing, singing and writing.

Name: Thomas Anthony Isbell (Contributor)
Nickname: thomasaisbell
Favourite game of all time: Kingdom Hearts
Thomas has been an avid gamer since he first got his hands on a Gameboy Color. Since then, he has owned nine consoles/handhelds, playing a multitude of different titles over the years. Anthony will soon attend college studying Journalism/English Literature, hoping to continue video game journalism for years to come.



  1. I would like a job reviewing video games, how can i go about getting one? I am 20 and a high school graduate.

  2. Hello, I am extemely interested in a future career in games journalism so I don’t know if this is the application section so i will jsut send an e-mail with a piece of writing to the creator.

  3. Hi im very interested in reviewing games and would like to know more about it cheers .

  4. Hi, my name id Dylan Varian and I have just seen an add on another website saying you were looking for volenteer writers. So I am just wondering wether this is where to ask or to go somewhere else hopefully the person who is supposed to get it sees this and if you do can you email me with the details thanks.


    • We will contact you directly from the e-mail address you enter when leaving your comment. Or else you can currently contact us on

  5. I don’t mean to rip on the previous posters, but each and every one of them had spelling/punctuation/capitalization mistakes! D:

    I’m no professional (in fact I’m quite the opposite), but I would assume the first step in landing a job as a journalist is proofreading your own work!

    That being said, I’m a passionate gamer who is interested in video game journalism, and recently I’ve been discovering that I’m more interested in reviewing than anything else.

    With that in mind, I’m interested in applying to help out here at your site. I have previous work that I can show you, and I have access to an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and I have the funds to purchase a PS3 should I land a secure position and the opportunities are great.

    In your response to Dylan you said that you will contact us directly from the e-mail addresses we’ve entered (mine being, so I will leave the ball in your court. If I don’t hear from you in the near future, I’ll contact you via the e-mail address you posted.

    Hoping to hear from you,
    Nate B.

  6. Hi, my name is Jake. I am a 21 year old college student entering my senior year, and also an avid writer. I have loved video games since my great-grandmother bought me a Sega Game Gear (yea, awesome name drop) for my 8th birthday, and have always apriciated good journalism. I have been keeping a modest blog on for the past month, and the experience has really sparked my interest in video game journalism. I currently own a PC, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS, and would be happy write about or review anything you all wan’t to throw at me.

    Thank you for your consideration
    – Jake S.

  7. Hey,
    My name is Anand Jayaram and i’m 21 years old and just graduated as game designer and during my study there i’ve noticed that i had was playing more games and reviewing them rather than concentrating on what makes the game tick. I was a creative writer before college and i did write a few reviews on the games popular at the time and a few more reviews during college. i currently own a Playstation 2, A PC and an 8 bit console. I would be happy to review any game or anything that you would like me to look into. Also my email address is

  8. Hey, I’m 17 and currently doing my A-Levels (UK) in London. I’m an avid gamer and keen journalist, writing regularly for my school’s newspaper and monthly magazine. I have a Wii, PS3 and an Xbox 360, along with various previous generation consoles such as a GameCube, a PS2 and a DS. I can write quickly and have played a huge variety of games, and would be delighted to contribute to this website.

    Hope to hear back from you,

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