Posted by: Barber | January 2, 2012

PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year 2011

Well well well, what a damn good year 2011 was. I don’t remember anything like it, and it’s not easy to have the same in 2012. Last year we had a massive amount of quality games, both on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, especially in the last few months of 2011. As we do each year, we announce the Game of the Year in the beginning of the year and this year wasn’t easy to do so. As you know we provided a poll for all our fellow gamers that follow us around the globe. The poll contained the best games for 2011 which we think could land the Game of the Year 2011 award.

No less than fourteen games were nominated for this annual award and some of them deserve the title for best game of the year. Unfortunately we only have to choose one. From here I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in our poll. The winner of the PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year 2011 was decided with just one vote of difference between first and second. And the winner is …

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lands our annual award after getting the majority of votes and beating Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception with a single vote. Bethesda Game Studios have once again shown their capability when developing a huge open world role playing game. Skyrim is a game different from the rest. You can do whatever you want, learn whatever you want and go wherever you want. The game really looks real and it immerses you in its gameplay. It does have some bugs, but what do you expect in a massive game like Skyrim?

As mentioned above Nathan Drake placed second while the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham City placed third in our award. As usual, feel free to leave a comment as it is always interesting to have your opinions discussed in our website. Again on behalf of PS3-Xbox-Reviews I thank you again for being part of the Game of the Year 2011 award and we also wish you all the best for 2012. Final results below.



  1. Finally Uncharted 3 gets some recognition! It is only runner-up… But it didn’t win most of the “best PS3 game of the year” at all, which I found insane! Portal 2 was good, but better than Uncharted 3? NO!

  2. While I love the Uncharted series I felt the story didn’t live up to it’s predecessors and was somewhat of a disappointment. Batman on the other hand improved on it’s predecessor in every way and would easily get my choice for GOTY.

    • The problem with Uncharted 3 is that there was a massive improvement between Uncharted 1 and 2, so people expected the same thing between 2 and 3. How can you have lots of improvement in an almost perfect game like Uncharted 2?

      Having said that, I am also an Uncharted fan but for me the 2011 Game of the Year goes to Arkham City. It was pure fun.

      • hii follow yr blog via rssmy 15 areantoine st exuperyalbert camusmichel foucaultallen ginsbergjames baldwinderek jarmansamuel beckettwalt whnctaifederimo garcia lorcajudith butlerdennis cooperdouglas couplandraymond carverjames robert bakerpatti smithi'd probably include david wojnarowicz as one of the writers who has made the biggest impression on me, particularly because i got to look at his hand written diaries when i was in nyc last year… i just wish he'd written more…Geoff

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