Posted by: Barber | January 2, 2011

PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year 2010

First of all I would like to sincerely thank all those gamers who took the time to leave a comment and vote for the PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year 2010.

This year there were eight nominations and it was very difficult for all gamers to choose one as the winner for this award because all nominated games deserve something for being more special than other games. 2010 was a very good year for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles and with all the announcements and previews of upcoming games, 2011 seems to be no less.

Enough talking. After taking into account all comments and votes from the feedback form and the PS3-Xbox-Reviews team, the winner of the award has been decided. With a very close count, the PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year 2010 goes to …

Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: March 16, 2010
Official Website:

The people at Santa Monica Studio has done an amazing job to give us this masterpiece of a game which surely must not be missed by all avid gamers. The game based on Greek mythology has been one of the most entertaining games of this year with beautiful presentation, addictive gameplay and possibly the best boss battles in video game history.

God of War III’s biggest rivals in this year’s edition of the PS3-Xbox-Reviews Game of the Year were Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain. All of these games deserved this award, but at the end Kratos won the battle. As usual, feel free to leave a comment as it is always interesting to have some nice discussions with gamers of all ages. On behalf of PS3-Xbox-Reviews I thank you again for being part of this annual award and wish you an entertaining 2011 full of gaming.



  1. Well, that’s a suprise.

    • Why is it a surprise? Because it’s exclusive to PS3? It’s the best game of the year. Period.

  2. While I think Mass Effect 2 barely took it down, God of War 3 was a amazing game and a worthy choice for Game of the Year

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