Posted by: Barber | November 19, 2009

Article: Why Uncharted 2 Should Be Given An Almost Perfect Score

Have you ever played a game and when you complete it, you just go back to the main menu and select new game once again? Well, this happened to me after I completed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. And it already happened twice.

Once I completed the game for the first time on normal difficulty, I felt that the game had much more entertainment to offer. By saying this I’m still not including the multiplayer mode. The first run is generally completed for the story and to see how it ends (and this game is one of the few that has a great story). You rarely go after every treasure and medal when playing Uncharted 2 for the first time. There is a big amount of medals to get in the game, which may vary from collecting a couple of treasures to killing a specified number of enemies with different styles and guns. Some of these medals give you a trophy when acquired, and of course getting all trophies means that you will obtain the platinum trophy for Uncharted 2.

Some of these trophies are very challenging to obtain. These include killing 75 enemies in a row without dying, collecting 100 treasures including the strange relic, and completing the game in Crushing mode. Maybe the latter difficulty mode is a bit frustrating at times, but completing certain challenging parts gives you a sense of satisfaction. And when you get the platinum trophy, there is the multiplayer mode waiting for you.

Before the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a free Beta version of the multiplayer mode was available for download. And guess what, when the game was released this Beta version got expired. So I became more anxious in getting the full title. The multiplayer mode has various game types to suit everyone’s needs. Some of these are the deathmatch mode, capture the treasure, elimination (no respawn) and you can also team up with two more players to play against the computer AI to complete a set of objectives and missions. Doing all of these things online will make you better and a leveling system is also included. You will level up accordingly depending on how you do in the multiplayer modes. Money is also acquired which is used to buy items from the store. The more you level up the more items become available for purchasing.

It’s a pity that Uncharted 2 is not available on other consoles because this is a must play for gamers from all generations. If you have a PlayStation 3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves must be in your collection and you will spend loads of hours playing it. For the review (rated 9.8), you can check it here. It is an almost perfect game. One of the best around. In my opinion this is a big contender for the Game of the Year. Simply amazing.



  1. I completely agree!

    1.Graphics are like watching a movie.
    2.Love the stealth.
    3.The story features many twists to keep you guessing the entire game.
    4.The character interaction is top-notch.
    5.Fantastic voice acting and an awesome soundtrack
    6.Its made by Naughty Dog!

    I would give it about a 9.8, if not perfect.

  2. I fully agree,but I would have called the topic: “why uncharted 2 deserves more than a perfect score.” . What makes this game so special is the fact that you can hand just about anyone the controller and tell them to start playing and 99/100 people will end up in awe! From a technical point of view the game isn’t perfect,but since there will never be a game that reaches perfection on technicality, I believe we should rate it on pure fun and entertainment values,for that uncharted deserves a 10.

  3. it is a good game, to be fair.

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