Posted by: predatorx9 | October 13, 2009

Article: The 5 Most Overrated Games Of This Generation

This list is more opinion based than actual facts. The games in this list are by no means the worst five games, they are simply games that the writer feels have been given too much media hype and therefore it gets more praise than what the writer believes it should have gotten.

5. Tomb Raider: Underworld

Poor old Lara Croft. Recently the Tomb Raider series has gone downwards at a frantic pace and you can’t help but feel that the series is getting milked even though there is almost nothing left to milk. The number of bugs in this game is an embarrassment to next generation gaming. Lara gets stuck around every corner, graphical glitches occur very frequently, the camera is dreadful and the story has lost its’ spark. What more can I say? These problems with the game definitely hamper the experience and it just doesn’t feel like the Tomb Raider game we’ve become accustomed to long ago. There are still people that enjoy this game, which is utterly shocking. Uncharted’s Nathan Drake is Lara’s latest competition, but it can hardly be called a competition. Uncharted thumps Tomb Raider: Underworld in every possible way. It’s sad to say, but it’s only a matter of time before the Tomb Raider series reaches a rock bottom level.
Metacritic Average: 7.5
I would give it: 5.7

4. Far Cry 2

Phew! This game leaves me out of breath by just thinking about it. Far Cry 2 had the potential to become an all-time great and the developers can kick themselves for not taking the time to do a few minor tweaks before releasing the game. It’s biggest “flaw” is the amount of traveling you’ll be doing in the game. Getting to your destination could become a breathless experience after a while, as you’ll be required to walk/run a distance of over 5km at times and the junglelicious (yes I know, that word doesn’t exist) sights you’ll be seeing along the way won’t make up for it no matter how beautiful it may look at times. In other areas the game just feels too clunky and variety in missions is almost non existent. The game is pretty lengthy, but having to walk/drive for more than half of the game is definitely not a fun experience.
Metacritic Average: 8.5
I would give it: 6.8

3. Killzone 2

The first thing that jumps to mind when hearing about this game is jaw-dropping visuals, but in the end a game has to be fun as well in order to be known as one of the greatest games of all time. Killzone 2 fails to bring anything new to the FPS scene and does nothing out of the ordinary that would make you say “Wow, I’ve never seen something like this before.” The single player campaign is garbage to be honest, the story is weak and you couldn’t care less about the fate of the main character you are playing as, but luckily the game’s success doesn’t lie within the single player, but rather in it’s online multiplayer component, which rescues the game from reaching disappointment. While Killzone 2 is an essential purchase for First Person Shooter fans, casual gamers and fans of other genres shouldn’t feel like they’re missing out.
Metacritic Average: 9.1
I would give it: 8.2

2. Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is by no means atrocious, in fact it has some very impressive visuals, a talented cast of voice actors and decent combat, but these positive aspects of the game gets completely overshadowed by the shear repetitiveness of it. Talk about doing the same thing over and over again, there is no better example than the latest installment of Prince of Persia. Basically the whole game revolves around collecting light seeds and healing lands and at no point does the game offer you some variety. 75% of the game is basically just platforming – get from point A to point B and defeat a fairly easy boss in order to heal the land. Prince of Persia might appeal to some, but to those that are looking for a fast paced adventure with lots of action, twists and variety in gameplay, I’d advise you to look elsewhere.
Metacritic Average: 8.5
I would give it: 7.0

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

Surely you knew that GTA IV would make it into this list of overrated games now, didn’t you? Wait, you didn’t expect it at all? Well let me elaborate a little, GTA has come a long way in gaming and along the road it has received legendary status by gamers all over the world, because of it’s endlessly creative ways of having fun with when picking up the controller, while with GTA IV, Rockstar have made a vast number of changes to the series we’ve come to adore over the years. Realism seems to have become an obsession with developers today and with GTA IV, Rockstar took this department to a whole new level, which isn’t necessarily always a good thing. Having to keep your friends happy is a real pain in the behind in the game. I mean honestly, if I wanted to start my own life in a game, I would play The Sims. You frequently have to answer your phone and go out with your friends to increase your “friendship meter” with one of your friends, even if you don’t feel like it. That meter will constantly drop and you won’t be able to unlock a various number of things if you keep ignoring them. Another thing that is completely bizarre in GTA IV, is the limited number of ways to spend your hard earned money on. There are your basic stores for clothing, weapons, food, etc. but nothing out of the ordinary that would add to the fun factor, which ultimately leaves you with enough cash to feed a whole African country, but with nothing worthwhile to spend it on.
Metacritic Average: 9.8
I would give it: 8.0

So, Rockstar’s GTA IV receives my award for being the most overrated game this generation for swooping their successful recipe of having mindless fun with a new boring and tad too realistic way of playing games.



  1. ur missing Too HUman, and viva Pianta!

  2. oops i read it to fast thought u said under rated. Stupid me lol. I only agree with gta 4. prince of persia wasn’t bad, the other games are so so anyways.

  3. GTA and Killzone are the only ones i have played so the only i thing i would is switch them.

  4. Prince of persia is too repetitive, graphics are ok but the fun factor here is missing I agrre with you on pop but it should be number 1

    • Yeah,pop was really boring for me,but gta4 received an abnormal amount of high scores whereas pop wasn’t exactly hyped as much as gta was,that’s why I think gta4 wins it hands down.

  5. I agree with you about Tomb Raider, Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia. On the other hand I cannot agree with you regarding GTA IV and Killzone 2, especially the latter. Apart from having stunning visuals, Killzone 2 has a very entertaining and challenging single player campaign, and of course the massive multiplayer mode complements the game developed by Guerrilla.

    Yes the story of Killzone 2 is not one of the positive things in the game, but Killzone 2 is truly one of the best games on the PlayStation 3. And I am not a First Person Shooter fan …

    • Yeah very true mate,don’t get me wrong, killzone was good in that department, but in my opinion it was just the same as any other shooter, it didn’t offer me anything different and unique that would seperate it from other shooters,but it’s still a good game,just a tad overrated,but still good nonetheless.

      Thanx for everyones comments! You guys are allowed to disagree

  6. There was too much fuss on GTA even though it’s a great game. They shouldn’t make Tomb Raider games anymore. Unfortunately Lara’s dead

  7. I think Uncharted is vastly overrated too. It’s really just a third person shooter with nice graphics. To me the big pity is the excess of combat, which gets old fast, and hence the lack of adventure elements. So instead of exploring and admiring all those attractive environments they’re barely seen in the heat of battle.

    • I don’t agree with you Dan. Uncharted 2 has the whole package, visuals, good story, action, puzzle, stealth and even a very good multiplayer component. Lots of games have amazing visuals but when it comes to gameplay and having fun they lack. In my opinion Uncharted 2 really deserved the Game of the Year 2009. Still, I respect your opinion 🙂

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