Posted by: Barber | October 10, 2009

Preview: Alan Wake

Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Genre: Horror / Action Adventure
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Release Date: March, 2010
Official Website:

“I’m here today to proudly introduce you to a good friend of mine, a colleague, a best-selling writer. Someone I have worked together with on a project for a long time. His name is Alan Wake. He has a problem. He hasn’t managed to write anything in over two years. Now his wife, Alice, takes him on a vacation to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. But when she vanishes without a trace, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare. His latest work, a thriller he can’t even remember writing, is coming true before his eyes.” – Sam Lake, writer at Remedy.

Alan Wake is a “psychological action thriller” which will be available on the Xbox 360 console. Of course you will take control of Alan Wake fighting your way against enemies called dark-forces, which are sensitive to light. Speaking of light, this plays a significant role in the game and the flashlight available as a primary weapon is of utmost importance.

Alan Wake also consists of an open-world and will have a day and night time cycle. This was done to create more drama and anxiety to the players during the whole game. This is somewhat similar to Silent Hill but with a lot of different aspects especially having a good story, something you’d expect from Remedy, the same company behind Max Payne. Expectations aren’t high for this game with all the popular titles coming out, but from this video, you will realize that this will be a game to try if you own an Xbox 360. Awake.

Expectations are Low Low


  1. I can’t wait for this game! It reminds me of silent hill.

  2. This game looks amazing even though I dont like Silent Hill. A very nice and interesting video, pity the game is not coming out on the ps3

  3. Wish I had a 360… Alan Wake looks well worth buying

  4. Alan Wake is indeed a game to look at. Remedy Entertainment frequently develop games with a good story (unlike other good games which have a bad storyline such as KZ2 and Resistance 2).

    This could be a hit. You need a disturbing game sometimes. 🙂

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