Posted by: predatorx9 | October 7, 2009

Article: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Beta Impressions

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is only a few days away from releasing world wide and I’m sure all of your floors are soaking wet from all your drooling to get your hands on the game. Well with this quick impression of the multiplayer beta, we aim to rub even more salt into your wounds as your anticipation for the game’s release is starting to reach an unthinkable high …

The multiplayer beta was released on the 29th of September and will be running until the 12th of October. Thousands of people have already downloaded it, but I’m sure there are quite a few of you that haven’t bothered and would rather save the megabytes for something else, so here’s our impressions to those that haven’t got their grubby paws on it.

The whole of the beta is multiplayer only and weighs in at 1.27 gigabytes, which gives you access to 3 player co-op and the usual deathmatch/objective games for up to 10 players. The co-op is by far the biggest intrigue between these two modes. There’s nothing like teaming up with two of your buddies and starting an adventure from there. In the beta, you get pitted in the Nepalm Warzone part of the game and although there’s no real objective other than killing every enemy you see, it’s fascinating to think of what the full game will have in store for us in terms of story and objectives. Everything plays buttery smooth and without any hiccups throughout the short bit you play through. You and your teammates will have to work together as a team in certain parts where more than one person’s effort is required in either shooting off hoards of enemies, moving objects, giving someone a boost to higher ground and so much more. There is also a gold rush co-op treasure mode, where you and a buddy need to find as many gold as possible, while making sure nobody disrupts your objectives by taking them all down. This mode is particularly interesting in terms of originality. It’s something that hasn’t been done before and has the potential to stretch the game’s re-playability factor beyond anything you can imagine.

Team deathmatch is exactly what it sounds like, but still extremely fun and can match pretty much any of the best online games that have been made today. It’s nothing new, but it doesn’t have to be, that’s what the co-op modes are for. The objectives mode is basically just capture the flag and again I will say, it’s nothing new, but it works brilliantly for what it’s trying to be.

Throughout you will obviously rank up, but ultimately you will also earn cash to spend on buying goodies for your character. There are a vast number of stuff to buy from which varies from player skins to gun upgrades to about twenty other stuff that really are worth buying. This is great, because it’ll never make earning cash or ranking up feel like a mindless effort.

If you want to know all the fine details, then sure, but I can guarantee you that you know it all already – the graphics are amazing, dare I say it, probably the best on any system ever, but I’ll leave that for all the fanboys to argue about, as there will always be people who can’t accept the facts. The core gameplay is still the same, but as we all should know, you never change a formula that works brilliantly. There are definitely a few problems with finding players to play with (aka matchmaking), but we should remember that this isn’t Naughty Dog’s final product and there’s bound to be a ton of fixes on issues we didn’t even notice. All of these modes will give you an incredible value for your money when you take into account that there’s still a lengthy story mode to complete. Get your treasure hunting gear ready and start aiming your BB gun at some targets … Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is scheduled for release on the 13th of October.



  1. At the moment I’m playing the Beta multiplayer and it’s really hooking. Apart from the nice gameplay, the graphics are impressive and this is only a demo so the full version will surely be much better.

    I already pre-ordered this game and I think that this is the game to play for this year (on the PS3). Nice article.

  2. Pritty much the same as ^^.

  3. Thanx for the game yesterday Barber,was fun. When this releases,it’s all i’m gonna be playing for a whole month. Sorry for the looooong article guys,i do try and keep them as short as possible,but end up writing way too much

  4. I havent tried this myself but Im really looking forward for the new advenures of Nathan Drake

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