Posted by: Barber | October 6, 2009

Preview: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Developer: Infinity Ward
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: November 10, 2009
Official Website:

Modern Warfare 2 takes place in a number of places around the world, namely Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Brazil. You will take the role of Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson, member of a commando unit called Task Force 141. Sergeant “Soap” MacTavish, the protagonist of Call of Duty 4, is back as a non-playable character and actually your superior. One of the new characters in Modern Warfare 2 is a mysterious one, called Ghost.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will have a new cooperative mode named Special Ops which is simply independent missions from the single player campaign. This mode supports co-op for two players, which can be played online or locally with another player. A new feature in Special Ops is a mission named “Breach and Clear” where players select their weapons and the aim of the mission is to make it to the end. Statistics like time taken to complete the mission and number of kills are saved for rewards which in return unlock new missions.

Developer Infinity Ward said that this time around enemy AI is ‘smarter’, meaning the enemy will not always be in the same location, they will behave differently every time. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most anticipated for this year and will surely be one of the favorites for the “Game of the Year” award. Watch this trailer and you’ll realize that there is something special in this one.

Expectations are Very High Very High


  1. This will surely be GOTY the way this game hooks you online is amazing cant wait for it

  2. The multiplayer mode is what makes COD special and different from other first person shooters. Killzone 2 was close but not enough

  3. Still not sure if I will purchasing this game looking at the price tag. It will billions and break even more records. I’m looking forward to it and play mulitplayer.

  4. there’s no doubt that modern warfare 2 will be a gem of a game,but i’m just not sure if it’s gonna live up to all these massive expectations it has set for itself… Only time will tell.

  5. COD fans won’t be disappointed. World at War wasn’t rated by many as high as the original Modern Warfare, but people still bought it and played it online. Even if Modern Warfare 2 does not live up to the high expectations, I think it will still be a success.

  6. If you wan’t a gaming orgasim. Then Modern Warfare 2 will give you just that!

  7. AMEN Hi11Zone!!

  8. I can’t wait anymore for this game! This is going to be MASSIVE!!!

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