Posted by: phillipsmy | September 25, 2009

Review: Fight Night Round 4

Developer: EA Canada
Genre: Boxing
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: June 25, 2009
Rating: 7.0

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  1. 7.0? Blasphemy! Labelling the gameplay as very boring is something i don’t understand… This is a boxing game,remember, you need box the living daylights out of your opponent, not throw fireballs to burn his face or jump in the air to avoid him… To core part of the game is about boxing and i thought it exceeded expectations from a boxing fan’s point of view. Please don’t see this as an attack at you as a reviewer,rather as an opinion i’m giving…

  2. It gets very repetitive and the core gameplay has nothing really to it. Its just boxing. My opinion.

  3. sure,no problem. I just think it should be given a score that is equivelant to what the game is trying to be. It’s trying to be a good boxing game and that it does exceptionally well

  4. From the screenshots Fight Night Round 4 looks pretty well and even in IGN’s video review the game looks really realistic. I cannot agree or disagree with the score because I haven’t played the game but what I can say is that when I played Fight Night on the PSP, after a while I got bored.

    On the other hand this is a boxing game, so it’s normal to be repetitive sometimes.

  5. I dont agree with the score. This game should be rated at least 8 and its the best boxing game around

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