Posted by: Barber | September 22, 2009

Review: Resident Evil 5

Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action Adventure
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Release Date: March 13, 2009
Rating: 9.2

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  1. well done m8. Awesome game,did u play co op with a real person aswel? That’s when the game really came to life… Sheva’s AI was good and all,but playing with an actual person is so much better. I agree with your score. Even though the resident evil series has lost its trademark of being a horror game,the change to an adventure game still does wonders for the series.

    • Thanks mate. Yes I did play co-op online and I agree that it’s very exciting playing with another person at the same time. On the other hand I also played co-op on the same machine and TV with my friend and the way the screen is split is not comfortable to play. But as you said, all in all Resident Evil 5 shouldn’t be missed by action adventure fans.

  2. Yes you’re right. They took it out of the survival horror genre. But making your way through the game with a friend truly is a rewarding experience!!

    • What about someone who never played any game in the series, shall I start from the first chapter or this one will not spoil anything for me?

      • If you want to play the whole series you need to get the previous games from the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. If you start Resident Evil 5 you will not understand certain aspects of the story, but this won’t spoil the fun 🙂

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